1. RTI Act, Our responsibility and Mission

The right to information is one of the fundamental rights of the citizen of India, as provided in Right to Information Act. Pursuant to the enactment of such Act, people in general and people of Murshidabad District are quite at liberty to seek for required information u/s 6 of the Act., except what is barred u/s 8 and other sections of the Act. We are providing the required information to the people of Murshidabad and to the people in general when sought for from the Superintendent of Police of Murshidabad District.

We have folded our hands towards the need of the people and extended all co- operation in providing the information sought for irrespective of caste and creed, distressed and poor, haves and the have notes. Due to such manifold co-operation and philanthropic attitude of the administration under control of S.P Murshidabad, large numbers of people are being benefitted. Murshidabad district police under the control of S.P Murshidabad are sacrificing a lot and consecrated themselves to the people in their need in catering the required information sought for every now and then. It is our dream to help the helpless, to stand by the side of the people who are in distress and jeopardy, to the best of our capacity.

2. The Juvenile Justice Care and Protection of Children Act. 2000, Our responsibility and Mission

In order to provide proper care and protection, development and rehabilitation of the neglected child or juvenile, this Act. has come into existence in 2000 and amended in 2006. It is the foremost and primary responsibility of the state to engage that all the needs of the children are properly met and their basic Human Rights are fully protected and with a view to achieving objectives in this regard, this district police under my command has opened up a wide administrative avenue towards the implementation of the Act for the proper care and protection of the children.

It is experienced that sometimes the under aged children become victim of marriage due to ignorance and poverty of their parent. In this district there is some information of child marriage before they attain the age of puberty or maturity. By virtue of this act, we have been successful in preventing the child marriage when information are catered to us well-in- advance. Besides this many an illegal act is being dealt with lawfully in the interest of the distressed children.

Prompt legal action are being taken of the cases of missing/kidnapped/otherwise victimized children and juveniles in conflict with law are being dealt in consonance with the existing Act.

On humanitarian ground and as law enforcing agency we are always at the back and call of the distressed/ abandoned children.

It is our broad mission to give comfortable relief to the children in need of care and protection. As envisaged in the Indian constitutional law and through sustained efforts, we are committed to fully aid them in their basic need and to rescue them from the vortex of exploitation and agency.

3. Immoral Traffic Prevention Act, 1956, Our responsibility and Mission

Immoral Trafficking is one the burning issues of the recent time. The socially depressed and educationally and economically weak classes of child and women become the victims of immoral trafficking. Our parliament has enacted this law in order to rescue these victims from the environment of trafficking of Human beings for the survival of Humanity in dignity, liberty and safety. This social disease is being abolished by stern statutory process which is enforced by plural instrumentalities, specialized institution and aware intelligentsia. The invisible torments inflected on infants, adolescents, labouring classes, women, young and old and even dying persons whose eyes and kidneys are robbed and sold has to be encountered by society and state by appropriate measures, legal and societal.

In order to eradicate this social disease and enforce the law, Murshidabad District. police has consecrated their lives with an aim to attain success. An Anti-Human Trafficking cell has been introduced and it is functioning under the charge of one Inspector and 01 Sub- Inspectors, 02 ASIs , available constables and under direct supervision of one DY.SP under control of Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad.

Several steps can be taken by the grassroots people, on the anti-human trafficking front which are enumerated here-in-under.

  1. Attend to issues of missing persons especially women and children and help police to locate, trace and rescue them.
  2. Collect intelligence and pass it to police for action. This could be regarding vulnerable persons likely victims, traffickers, violators, recruiters, trafficking routes, transit points.
  3. Ensure checks and balances on the activities of police, NGOs and all responders.
  4. Enlist support of community for the victim.
  5. Raise community awareness against Human Trafficking.
  6. Link up with the Govt. Agencies, help address Vulnerabilities, like illiteracy, unemployment and uneven level of income.
  7. Undertake special efforts to remove traditional and cultural practices which violate women’s rights.
  8. Organize a network of persons who can jointly become a formidable force against human trafficking.
  9. Organize public meetings/programmes honouring these who have done excellent work in preventing and combating human trafficking.